Pork Loin Mummy

Get spooky this Halloween with this pork loin mummy!



1 Prairie Fresh® boneless pork loin⁣
1 cup white sugar⁣
1 cup white pepper⁣
1 bottle mayonnaise⁣
White BBQ sauce⁣
Olives and cherries (for eyes)⁣
2 packages Pillsbury® refrigerated crescent rolls⁣


- Trim boneless pork loin in the shape of a mummy.⁣
- Use mayonnaise as a binder for the seasoning by rubbing it on the loin.⁣
- Season with sugar and pepper.⁣
- Preheat smoker or grill to 350 degrees F and place loin on rack.⁣
- While loin is cooking, unroll crescent rolls and slice into strips.⁣
- About 45 minutes into the cook, check loin and baste with white BBQ sauce.⁣
- Remove loin when internal temperature reaches 140 degrees F. ⁣
- Wrap and braid loin with crescent roll strips. Add olives and cherries for eyes.⁣
- Place loin back on smoker at 400 degrees F.⁣
- Remove loin once the crescent roll strips begin to turn brown.⁣
- Rest loin for 30 minutes. Slice and enjoy!

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